“How are you?” – the happiness wheel on tour

Progress report from the Department of Social Affairs, Environment and Security of the city of Zug

In October, our “How are you?” happiness wheel created happy moments and started conversations in the cafeteria of the Department of Social Affairs, Environment and Security (SUS). We were delighted to hear that people were spinning the happiness wheel during their breaks and that their reactions were largely positive.

The people behind the “How are you? – happiness wheel” initiative at SUS Zug reported: “Our aim was to give our colleagues a distraction during their hectic daily lives and to draw their attention to their own wellbeing. And we achieved this, with the happiness wheel.” They have described exactly what we want to achieve with our happiness wheel too. “In any event, the happiness wheel made us laugh, made us wonder, made us talk about where it stopped,” they went on.

Are you also interested in giving our “How are you?” happiness wheel a spin? Or would you like to give people in your workplace or at an event the opportunity to take time out of their everyday hustle and bustle and collect happiness messages? Then contact us for a free loan. We will be delighted to send our happiness wheel out on its travels in Zug!

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