Kennsch es? – How is your mental health?

How can young people maintain good mental health? The Zug Office of Public Health ex-plored this question in a participatory youth research project. The aim was to raise aware-ness about mental health among young people with a campaign and workshops in schools.

This helped young researchers aged 14-18 to investigate what young people do to promote and maintain their mental health. The research team wanted to find out which situations and reasons are good or bad for young people and what strategies they used to stay mental healthy.
Particularly valuable are 4 specific tips that the research team has distilled from many work-shops. These tips are shared on the campaign website

DThe Zug Office of Public Health is responsible for the “Kennsch es?” campaign. If you have any questions about or reactions to “Kennsch es?”, the Zug Office of Public Health will be happy to help.