«How are you?»
A small question with a big impact!

The national “How are you?” campaign seeks to contribute to promoting mental health and destigmatising mental illnesses. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the subject among the population and to encourage people to talk about mental health problems in their daily lives. 

The campaign hopes to contribute to reducing the marginalisation of people affected by mental health problems, and intends to disseminate information about mental illnesses and tackling prejudices. It also focuses on mental health: Because the mind can also be cared for, just like the body!

Talking about it helps! Good things start when you talk: You can find tips on the website www.wie-gehts-dir.ch for starting a conversation with someone else in many different situations. In addition, the campaign website provides helpful addresses as well as information on mental health and specific illnesses.

As a sponsoring canton, we are working closely with the campaign team. We also want to encourage the people of Zug to take care of their mental wellbeing and to talk openly about crises and psychiatric disorders.

You can order documents such as brochures and flyers on the “How are you?” campaign. 

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Campaign website www.wie-gehts-dir.ch