The mental health of the people of Zug
is something very close to our hearts.

Our mental health is a precious commodity that needs to be cared for, protected and strengthened. It enables us to cope with difficult times and enjoy life.

We do various things for our physical health – hopefully. We try to watch what we eat and to exercise. And when it all gets too much for our bodies, we seek out qualified help. By contrast, mental health seems to be taken rather for granted. We like to see it as something that should just work and that we only need to take care of when it no longer functions as usual. We often find it difficult to ask for help in such situations and, while we don’t mind asking when the issue is physical, the psychological barrier to seeking help in stressful situations and emotional crises is frequently high.

Mental health is as important as physical health for a high quality of life and life satisfaction. Promoting and boosting mental health, even protecting it, are consequently ex-tremely important, both for us as individuals and for society as a whole.

«All people in Zug Canton should be able
to maintain, improve and boost
their mental health independently.»

Our vision

Active since 2003

The Zug Department of Public Health has been active in promoting the mental health of the people of Zug since 2003. We have built on the experiences of the «Mental Health in Zug Canton 2007 to 2012» approach with the «Mental Health in Zug Canton 2013 to 2020» strategy. Consequently, Zug Canton supports interconnectedness and, with various other bodies, is a facilitator for achieving the objectives of the «Mental Health in Zug Canton 2013 to 2020» strategy. Information about mental health, along with a list of useful organisations in the canton, is available on our website. We are responsible for the website content as the Office for Health Promotion. The relevant organisations are responsible for the content of their sites.

Mental Health in Zug Canton 2013 to 2020 strategy (Pdf - german)