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Do you live in Zug Canton and are you struggling with the current situation with the coronavirus?
Do you have problems at home, in the family or with your partner? Then get help before it all becomes too much for you. The local counselling and advice organisations Punkto, eff-zet and Triangel are also there for you in these difficult times and introduce themselves here in this article.

Information about Punkto child, teenager and parent counselling

We are there for parents, children and teenagers – more than ever in difficult times!
The current situation with the coronavirus is challenging for all of us. We are forced to improvise and are facing a daily routine that is sometimes hugely taxing on the relationship between parents and children. Parents need to occupy themselves with their children’s schoolwork and are dealing with teaching roles, which the children possibly do not always accept, leading to discussions that are not always constructive. If the parents are separated, or live apart, then the tension between them can sometimes intensify, for example regarding the issue of whether and under which conditions the children can visit their other parent
But we must not underestimate the emotional stress of small children who, due to their age, cannot understand why they can no longer see their grandparents or friends all of a sudden. Nor should we underestimate the impact on the mental state of teenagers, who can only meet their peers on social media and who increasingly come into conflict with their parents at home.

We take time, listen, clarify issues, supply ideas and search for individual solutions with you...

Don’t hesitate. Call us before it escalates! Parent, family and teenager counselling are all free of charge.

  • Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00. Tel: 041 728 34 40 or e-mail:
  • For child protection cases, specialists should use the number 041 728 34 44 or the e-mail address with the code: KSG.

Information about Triangel Counselling Zug

“Normality looks very different...”
The team at Triangel Counselling is always available for you, even at this difficult time. Are you worried about debt? Are you currently very stretched as a couple or family? Or would you simply like to have a personal conversation with our specialists?
We will support you by telephone, on Skype or in person at the Triangel office. Observing the BAG rules, of course.
Get in touch with us during office hours (8:00 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 17:00).

  • Telephone number: 041 728 80 80
  • E-mail:

We will be glad to listen and help you find solutions... don’t hesitate!

Information about the eff-zett specialist centre

We are there for you.
Empathetic, straightforward, experienced experts, with the best network in Zug Canton.

This is a challenging time. Everybody is talking about the corona pandemic. Many people are experiencing unexpected solidarity and are confident that they can cope with the situation by joining forces with others. Meanwhile, others struggle for words, which sometimes stick in their throats, and still others want to scream them out loud or howl them silently into their pillows. Thoughts and feelings run round in circles. How much longer will this go on for? What is keeping you going? Where can you find support, and when will the outlook improve again? How long can you endure the fear, and the pressure, when at home everything is cramped, silent, lonely, desperately boring or as explosive as a powder keg?

The counselling units of the eff-zett specialist centre provide help and support in the face of unprecedented circumstances.
If you are at the end of your tether, call us, or write us an e-mail if you are drowning in the flood of information and cannot find a way out of your inner turmoil.

  • Telephone number: 041 725 26 00
  • E-mail:

In order to minimise the risk of infection and to ensure the required protection, we mainly give counselling by telephone. Our victim counselling and sex therapy and pregnancy counselling as well as individual, couples and family counselling are also all available by video call on request. And if nothing else is possible, we can also arrange in-person counselling in our spacious conference rooms, observing the BAG rules.

The specialist unit for alimony collection and advance payments is there for you by telephone only: 041 725 26 20.

Stay healthy and look out for those close to you! The eff-zett specialist centre

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