Tips and tricks for sleep problems, to save you from the horror of not falling asleep

About a quarter of the Swiss population suffer from sleep disorders

A quarter of the Swiss population suffer from sleep disorders, with far-reaching consequences for their health. Since September, the health promotion programme GORILLA and the Schtifti Foundation have been fronting an online campaign together to combat sleep problems. The objective is a healthy, well-rested society. Sufferers get simple tips to help them sleep.

This has far-reaching consequences for health, society and the economy. Sleep is an essential biological function. It is needed to restore mental and physical strength and ultimately for a good quality of life. Stress, a poor sleep environment and digital media are detrimental to sleep, and not just in adults. According to the Juvenir Study, 46 % of Swiss young people suffer from stress. Of these, half of them suffer from insomnia as a result. GORILLA is running this campaign to stop the horror not falling asleep. The project is being supported by Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz and KSM, the Sleep Medicine Clinic.

Lying awake is a nightmare. Who has not suffered from nocturnal wakefulness? And suddenly it is 2 o’clock in the morning, and your head is still teeming with restless thoughts. That is the horror of being unable to sleep. This is the central idea of the new campaign. Do you want to put an end to the horror of lying awake all night? Then you will find a series of simple solutions for common sleep problems like restless sleep, insomnia or daytime sleepiness on All tips have been developed in partnership with experts from the Sleep Medicine Clinic. In addition to the useful tips and facts about sleep, the website also has a competition for you to enter.

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