Psychological consultations during the corona pandemic

Listening and talking to each other

Talking to each other – sometimes very simple, sometimes really hard. Talking to each other isn’t always easy, particularly right now, when you can’t just grab a quick coffee with your best friend. We are all stressed in this unprecedented situation, and sometimes we are over-stressed. We often wish for someone who will take the time to listen to us and with whom we can talk about our fears, worries and thoughts without restraint.

Does just wanting to offload problems and worries sound familiar? Are you concerned about things, and do you worry about stuff that you would prefer not to share with your nearest and dearest, for fear of increasing their burdens? If so, it is completely normal, and you are not alone. However, it is also important that you talk about such thoughts, fears and worries. If your nearest and dearest, your circle of friends or your work colleagues are not the right people to talk to, then get help from experienced coaches, mediators and psychologists instead. They are all there for you in this particularly challenging situation, and will give you professional, confidential counselling free of charge. Here is an overview of different counselling services that were established specifically to provide support during the corona crisis. You can find many more counselling services under Help and Advice that are available all year round and, of course, now.

Psychological consultations during the corona pandemic

Coaching Corona
A free-of-charge coaching service for everyone who is unsettled or stressed by the current situation. Do you need a sympathetic ear? The professional, trained and experienced coaches, mediators and psychologists, who are all members of various professional associations and/or have several years of professional experience in counselling, will be happy to provide confidential, knowledgeable counselling free of charge.
This service is aimed at anyone who needs a sympathetic ear. Has the roof fallen off your house onto your head and you don’t know what to do next? Are you overworked and no longer able to relax? Do you suffer from existential angst and would you like to talk about your worries? Do you work in healthcare and are you experiencing things that haunt you? Would you like to talk to an unbiased person about them? There are many other situations in which you might want a listener.
The counselling service offers much more than just listening – the “Corona Coaching” network is in contact with doctors, specialist centres and hospitals and can therefore provide specific, specialist information. Additionally, they can put you in touch with other coaching services if required.

  • The coaching service is free and is available for the time being until the end of June 2020.
  • The coaches can provide you with support in German, French and English.
  • If you want to talk, get in touch on 077 511 94 68 (you can also request an appointment via WhatsApp or text message) or use the contact form
  • You can tell other people about this service with the Coaching Corona flyer. You can download the flyer in three different languages here.


inCLOUsiv – an online meeting place
The newly launched platform inCLOUsiv provides a place for dialogues and urgent questions during the corona pandemic. As well as the twice-daily live chats about current topics with specialists and people affected, the platform provides a forum in which users can talk and exchange information and experiences with each other. If you are looking for new contacts, then this platform is a great way of sharing experiences and learning from other users. - Only for medical professionals!
Do you work in a hospital, caring for the health of Covid-19 patients on the front line? Are you a medical professional who is particularly affected by these circumstances? The counsellors of are there for you!
Their service provides support exclusively for medical professionals, offering a sympathetic ear and the option of sharing problems and worries anonymously, or not, as you prefer.
The association was found by psychologists and psychology students from across Switzerland.

  • The service is free of charge!
  • You can get hold of it every day between 08:00 – 24:00 on the following channels:
  • Phone: 032 511 19 81
  • Email:
  • Instagram messaging @loswerde
  • Live chat:

All contacts are handled confidentially, and no information is passed on. E-mails and Instagram messages are generally answered within 24 hours.
To be absolutely clear: the counselling service is for medical professionals only. Do you work in healthcare, and would you like to talk to a neutral, unbiased person about your experiences in your working life and things that weigh heavily on your soul, or simply let off steam? Then get in touch with the counsellors at Think about it. Your mental and physical health are every bit as important as that of your patients, so practise some self-care and accept support early on.
You can download the flyer from and hang it up in the ward office, or on the hospital notice board, so other people know about the service too.


Psychological consultations during the corona crisis
The psychologists in the Care Team at the Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP), Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), offer free-of-charge counselling by telephone or video call. Would you like to talk to a psychologist about your insecurities, fears and worries? Then make an appointment today.

  • The IAP Care Team is available during the following times: Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 10:00 and 13:00 to 15:00
  • Make an appointment by calling 058 934 80 80 or use the contact form.


For children and adolescents – telephone number: 147 or send a text message to: 147
Are you stressed out by the current situation and would you like to talk to someone? The Pro Juventute counselling team is there for you around the clock, and free of charge! You can choose whether you prefer to chat, email, send text messages or talk on the telephone about your fears, worries, doubts and thoughts. You can find more information about these services here.

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