Stopgether – let’s all stop smoking together in November!

“Together we are stronger!”

Stopgether, the first national stop smoking programme, was launched on Facebook on 20 September with the slogan “Together we are stronger!”

The Stopgether campaign invites smokers from all over Switzerland to join a Facebook group and give up smoking together in November. By registering on the platform, participants can give each other support and cheer each other on.

What is more, they will benefit from a great many offers and good advice, and every day they will receive information and tips to help them kick the habit for good. The campaign will be managed by a community team that will be there for the participants every day between 6am and midnight, to encourage and motivate them to persevere.

Have you wanted to stop smoking for ages? Maybe you have even already tried to a few times? Then register today on! Or maybe you know somebody who would like to give up smoking? Then send them a link to the Stopgether campaign at Let’s finish on something important: The whole programme is free!

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