Review and outlook

#Lockdown Day 14

Just a few weeks ago, our lives were still running in an orderly manner. We went to work or school, took care of our children or grandchildren, walked the dog, went shopping, played sport and met friends for coffee. We laughed, went to parties and celebrated into the small hours and now everything has suddenly come to a halt.
We have all been thrust out of our comfort zone – because of a virus too small for us to see, called Corona.
In January, who would have thought that the word Corona, that most of us up till now associated with a Mexican beer, would inspire us with fear and horror by March? Very few.
The invisible crowned guest that threatens our health is a challenge for all of us. Fourteen days have already passed since the Federal Council announced lockdown was announced on 16 March 2020. Since then we have all found ourselves in an unprecedented situation.

We have all had to get to grips with the new situation and reorganise our working lives. Therefore it has taken us a little time before we could get in touch with you here again. We are working on making various weekly articles available in the near future. They will contain information, tips and services, to make your time at home easier.
As specialists, we are writing these articles with support from our networks in both Zug Canton and beyond the canton’s borders. In addition to our roles as specialists, we are also partners, friends, colleagues, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons and grandchildren. We, too, are particularly stressed these days; many things are very different for us too and we, too, sometimes reach our limits.

We all need to pull in the same direction in the fight against the coronavirus.

That is why we would like to give you an insight into our daily lives as they are right now, as well as providing many specialist articles, and we will report on how we are coping with this unprecedented situation and how we are caring for our mental and physical health.

To close, here is a question for you:
Do you remember what your parents asked you before meals when you were a child? Or what they said to you each time?

That’s right! “Wash your hands!” or “Have you washed your hands?” Your mum and dad knew even back then what is essential now: Handwashing!

Wash your hands and protect yourself.
Keep your distance and save lives.
Stay at home – for yourself and others.
We are stronger together!

We are here for you.
Coming soon, articles on subjects such as: Working at home and family, creative ideas for staying in contact with each other, and much more.
Of course, this also includes the journal of our daily lives with the title #Lockdown Day XX, as well as our newsletter, which we hope to send every other week.
Until then.

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