International Day of Happiness on 20 March 2020

Happiness doubles when you share it!

In our daily lives, we often rush from one appointment to the next, feel stressed, and frequently wish for a few extra hours in the day. While we are out and about, we are often absorbed in our smartphones, with earphones plugged in, and so mostly take notice of the world around us only in passing. This means we allow small moments of happiness to pass by us unnoticed. If, however, you consciously take time to see the things around us, then you will be pleasantly surprised. You suddenly hear children laughing exuberantly, or you discover the first flower of spring sprouting in a meadow. A stranger may crosses your path and smile openly at you, or you watch the birds circling in the sky above our heads, maybe even feel the wind in your hair. Such moments make you smile instinctively and feel good. Sometimes they even make you stop so you can sense the small joys of everyday life for a moment or two. Precisely when you encounter unhoped-for, surprising happiness is when your wellbeing gets a boost.

You don’t need much for a small portion of happiness in your daily routine. Stand still, look around, see, feel, wonder, and the small moments of joy will come to you. Be mindful and try to be consciously aware of your surroundings in the next few days and in the future. Enchant a smile onto the face of your fellow human beings. Take delight in the small changes in nature that herald the coming of spring.
Every day is perfect for increasing happiness, both your own and that of those around you. It’s best to start today – with very small gestures, in your everyday life! We sought inspiration at the Ministry of Happiness, and have put together a few ideas that could help you:

  • Make somebody laugh!
  • Tell someone you love how much they mean to you once more.
  • Write a postcard, even if you aren’t on holiday right now.
  • Run barefoot across a meadow.
  • Pay someone a compliment.
  • Take the earphones out of your ears and open your eyes. Otherwise you won’t even see happiness when it is standing in front of you!

You will find a great many other ideas on our happiness cards, which you can order from us free of charge if you live in Zug Canton. They also make a very good small gift.

Let’s create good moods and positive feelings together!

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